Benefits of Key customers of Apteekkimarket

Become a Key customer of Apteekkimarket when you buy something from the pharmacy. You will immediately receive a Key customer card, or you can you use your Kela card as your Key customer card.

Get a discount every time you do business with us

We give a discount on all

  • medicines and other products you purchase without a prescription*
  • prescription medicines for which Kela pays the basic reimbursement
  • prescription medicines for which Kela does not pay any reimbursement

The discount is 1.5% from the very first purchase. Whenever your purchases exceed 250 euros in one calendar year, the discount rises to 2.5 per cent for medicines and 4 per cent for all other products*.

When your purchases of medicines that are reimbursed by health insurance exceeds the annual amount of out-of-pocket medicine expenses specified by Kela for one calendar year, your discount rises to 3 per cent for medicines that are not reimbursed and 6 per cent for all other product groups*.

The Key customer discount is not given for our on-sale products whose price is reduced by more than 6%. 

*other products not registered as medicines are mainly vitamin and mineral products, nutrition products, cosmetics, basic creams, tapes and bandages, hygiene products etc.

We check the compatibility of your prescription medicine every time you visit us for prescription services

Every time you buy prescription medicines from us, we check the compatibility of your new medicines prescribed by a doctor with each other, as well as with other medicines you have previously purchased with a prescription from our pharmacy.

We guarantee 100% availability of medicines in our pharmacies

If we are not able to provide you with all of the prescription medicine packs you need when you come to our pharmacy, we will send the missing products to your home or workplace without shipping costs. Our availability guarantee covers medicines that are prescribed to you by your doctor, and which are available from wholesalers in Finland at the moment of purchase.

Medicines dispensed into sachets

When you sign up for our dose dispensing service, you get your prescription medicines in mechanically dispensed sachets that are filled for two weeks at a time. This way you don’t have a collection of unused medicines in your home because possible changes to medicine can be done every two weeks. When packed in sachets, it is also easier to remember to take your medicine. The price of packing the doses to the customer is 8.50 € / week / customer.

Large affordable pack sizes, and affordable medicinal products eligible as generic substitutes, are used in dose dispensing. Medication becomes safer and more hygienic with fewer mistakes.

The dose sachets display the following information:

  • customer’s first name and surname
  • birthdate (
  • day of the week when medicine should be taken
  • date when medicine should be taken
  • time of day when medicine should be taken
  • names of medicines and number of tablets
  • name of pharmacy
  • packing date

Ask for more information about our Key customer programme!