Medicine dose dispensing service

When you sign up for our dose dispensing service, you get your prescription medicines in mechanically dispensed sachets that are filled for two weeks at a time. This way you don’t have a collection of unused medicines in your home because possible changes to medicine can be done every two weeks. When packed in sachets, it is also easier to remember to take your medicine. The price of packing the doses to the customer is 7,15 € / week / customer.

Large affordable pack sizes, and affordable medicinal products eligible as generic substitutes, are used in dose dispensing. Medication becomes safer and more hygienic with fewer mistakes.

The dose sachets display the following information:

  • customer’s first name and surname
  • birthdate (
  • day of the week when medicine should be taken
  • date when medicine should be taken
  • time of day when medicine should be taken
  • names of medicines and number of tablets
  • name of pharmacy
  • packing date

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